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Women's Skirts & Shorts ()

Embark on a journey through luxury with our array of women's skirts and shorts, curated with Sandro's signature coolness and sophistication. Enjoy sunny days with confidence in this comfortable collection. From florals, tweeds, and linens to styles ranging from timeless classic to casually chic and elegantly formal, Sandro has what you’re looking for. Step into a realm where options meet opulence, all while maintaining your distinctive edge. 

Women's Skirts & Shorts

Unveil a world where skirts aren’t just a trend; they’re a statement. Sandro’s collection is where your search for the perfect denim skirt, pencil skirt, or that whimsical maxi skirt ends. Our skirts are a celebration of personality and poise, designed for the woman who curates her look with both precision and abandon. From the clean lines of our white skirt to the daring cut of a mini skirt, Sandro caters to every style and whim. Embrace your femininity with our range of long skirts that flow with grace, or strut with confidence in a jean skirt for women that blends casual cool with chic sophistication. And for those days when the call of the sea is undeniable, our beach skirts offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. Whether it's a high waisted skirt to pair with a tucked-in tee or pleated skirts that play with silhouette and shade, we have the cut to compliment your form and fashion. Our collection spans the spectrum from the understated elegance of ladies’ skirts to the bold statement of a short skirt. Indulge in the soft touch of our silk skirts, or step into the spotlight with a short skirt for women that’s as ready for shore strolls as it is for brunch. Then there are our maxi jean skirt options that redefine everyday denim, alongside satin skirts that shimmer with every step. Don’t overlook our long jean skirts, a twist on the classic that’s both timeless and current. With Sandro, every skirt tells a story. What will yours say?

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